6 Common Mistakes in Web Design

In order to make a quality website, you should not miss some basic elements. Your site should be easy to use, well categorized and as unique as possible for both you and your potential visitors. For this, you should take care to avoid common mistakes.

Watch out for these 5 common mistakes in web design:

Where's the search box?

Think of your website as a repository of content. The easiest way to access your valuable content is to have a well-categorized and site-specific search engine. Especially the first thing users who come to your website to receive certain information will be a search box. Your search box, which will be located in a visible and easily accessible location on your homepage, must also be technically operational.

Difficult to read content

One of the features that should be in an interesting and unique website design is that the selected font font and layout is useful. The easy-to-read content on the site will make it easier and longer for users to use the site. As well as technical specifications, it is important that the contents be written in good Turkish and that they are short and understandable instead of extended texts with unnecessary details. Your search engines should be acceptable (SEO compliant) and your original texts should be legible.

Uncategorized content

A good website design requires a good categorization system to access content from the homepage. Your categories, which will appear on the homepage, should provide an adequate summary of your content, and the contents below those categories should be well organized and placed. When users click on the 'About Us' category, they really want to get proper content that contains information about you.

Bad routing

If your visitors get lost within your website, they won't want to visit your site a second time. The navigation features of your site must be working flawlessly, the transition from content to other content or categories should be easy, and the searched content should be easily available. To ensure that there are no broken links or out-of-date redirects anywhere on the site, update your content regularly and always make sure that the content in the publication is efficiently visible.

Inconsistent interface design

Each page of your website may be designed in different ways according to the different characteristics of the content, but even between these different designs there must be a common design. Maintaining the basic interface features when moving from one page to another within the site is important for a characteristic site image and does not confuse users. Every page without exception should have a general theme design and a link to the main tab of the site.

Unsuitable screen resolution for every device

Your website should be viewable efficiently on all vehicles, including mobile devices. To do this, you must ensure that your technical infrastructure is mobile compatible and that the visual content you use is of sufficient resolution.